Daniel Kaufmann

KOF Swiss Economic Institute
ETH Zurich
Leonhardstrasse 21
CH-8092 Zurich

Daniel Kaufmann

Dr. rer. oec., postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich

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Twitter: @KaufmannDani

Research interests

Macroeconomics, monetary economics, monetary history, forecasting

Professional positions

Postdoctoral researcher, ETH Zurich, since Nov 2014, and lecturer, University of Bern, since Aug 2015

Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley, Jan 2016 to Jun 2016

Senior economist (since 2009 member of senior staff), Swiss National Bank, Inflation Forecasting, Zurich, Jan 2011 to Sep 2014

Economist, Swiss National Bank, Economic Analysis, Zurich, Apr 2006 to Dec 2010

Intern, Swiss National Bank, Economic Analysis, Zurich, Jul 2005 to Mar 2006

Publications in refereed journals

Sticky prices or rational inattention — What can we learn from sectoral price data?, European Economic Review, vol. 64, 384-394, 2013 (with Sarah Lein)

Forecasting Short-term inflation: The SNB's ARIMA model, Swiss National Bank Economic Study No. 7, 2013, (with Marco Huwiler)

Asymmetries in price-setting behavior: New microeconometric evidence from Switzerland, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, vol. 44, 211-236, 2012 (with Bo E. Honoré and Sarah Lein).

Is there a Swiss price puzzle?, Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, vol. 148(I), 57-75, 2012 (with Sarah Lein).

Price-setting behaviour in Switzerland: Evidence from CPI micro data, Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, vol. 145(III), 293-349, 2009.

Ongoing research and unpublished working papers

Is deflation costly after all? Evidence from noisy historical data, BEHL Working Paper WP2016-04 and KOF Working Paper No. 421

Changing dynamics at the zero lower bound, Study Center Gerzensee Working Paper No. 16.02, 2016 (with Gregor Bäurle, Sylvia Kaufmann and Rodney Strachan)

Trend fundamentals and exchange rate dynamics, KOF Working Paper No. 393, 2015 (with Florian Huber)

Nominal stability and Swiss monetary regimes over two centuries, KOF Working Paper No. 379, 2015

Business tendency surveys and macroeconomic fluctuations, KOF Working Paper No. 378, 2015 (with Rolf Scheufele), resubmitted to IJF [Version 1 September 2016]

Exchange rate and price dynamics in a small open economy — The role of the zero lower bound and monetary policy regimes, Swiss National Bank Working Paper No. 2014-10, 2014. (with Gregor Bäurle)

The timing of price changes and the role of heterogeneity, Swiss National Bank Working Paper, No. 2010-02, 2010.

Other publications

Die Kosten von Deflation: Eine historische Analyse (in German, KOF Spezialanalyse)

What drives exchange rate persistence? The role of trend inflation (KOF Bulletin)

Preisstabilität in der Schweiz seit dem 19. Jahrhundert (in German, NZZ online, Ökonomenstimme, KOF Bulletin)


Macroeconomic forecasting, Central Bankers Course at Study Center Gerzensee (with Massimiliano Marcellino and Barbara Rossi), Jun 2017

Monetary policy, guest lecture in the course Principles of Macroeconomics at ETH Zurich (with Jan-Egbert Sturm), Oct 2016

Nonconventional monetary policy, guest lecture at University of Notre Dame (with Christiane Baumeister), Apr 2016

Monetary policy, master course at ETH Zurich (with Jan-Egbert Sturm), Sep 2015 - present

Forecasting in economics, master course at University of Bern, Sep 2015 - present

Inflation forecasts at the zero lower bound, guest lecture at Study Center Gerzensee, Feb 2014

Combining disaggregate forecasts for inflation, guest lecture at Study Center Gerzensee, Feb 2012